President Trump is in the White House as 45th President of the United States. The UK is on the way out of Europe.

What a different world it is now compared to 21 years ago we began in car rental with just three cars!

September 2018 marks our 21st year in self drive car and van rental . So lets look back at what made the headlines in January of 1997 !

1997: Princess Diana sparks landmines row

Princess Diana has angered government ministers after calling for an international ban on landmines.

Her comments - made during a visit to Angola to see for herself some of the victims of landmines - are being seen as out of step with government policy.

Hard to believe this was 20 years ago ! Sadly the world has not changed that much in 20 years !

Back in here in January 2017 we have just had the best year ever figure for new car registrations at 2.7 million for the year 2016.

What is of particular interest is not just the size of this number but how these vehicles were acquired. Without a doubt the low interest rates which

prevailed in 2016 and the high level of confidence in the UK economy drove the market forward. But what is of real interest is the inovative funding

options available to the new car customer be he an individual, business or corporate motorist. For now you can get behind the wheel of a new car or vau using not just traditional hire purchase , lease purchase or contract hire but with low deposit long term rental over 6 , 12 or 18 months !

As well as providing long term rental on brand new cars we also offer short term rental on nearly new cars at very very low daily rates,

We have just taken delivery of an automatic Vauxhall Astra SRI 2 litre CDti Tourer

and a 7 Seater Tubo diesel Zafira





With the arrival of the '68' Plate this autumn we will see the usual huge selection of complex finance and contract hire deals. In the 21st century the impact of technology on motor vehicles is huge. sadly this impact on depreciation massively . With these ever increasing changes in the level of equipment in the modern car it must be better to rent than buy. For example here is a super offer on the lovely Mini 1.5 Cooper D 5DR Manual with Chilli/Media Pack XL on a 1 year long term rental with a generous 24000 free miles.

At £599 per month including vat (with customers own insurance)

Mini 1.5 Cooper D 5DR Manual with Chilli/Media Pack XL


Back in the day when I was a general manager this was the time that the body repair industry moves into overdrive ! Its the combination of dark nights , wet roads and poor visibility that make all us motorists vulnerable to accidents .As temperatures drop older cars in particular suffer from starting problems brought on by batteries failing to put out the required amperage to start the car or van.

This week our best customer took delivery of this :

Don't buy a used car because your credit rating is poor or you don't want to commit to a hire purchase agreement !

Driving home this morning I came up behind a VW Golf R , it left me standing and I was driving a Mercedes 350 Cabriolet !

No wonder our long term rental customers are delighted with these.

We can get you into a brand new car or van at hiremorecar where we can offer Long Term Rental over 6 , 7 or 12 months with deposits of £500 , £750 or £1000 respectively . Always be aware that your biggest motoring expense is depreciation and with a low interest rate economy coupled to a rapidly increasing advance in motoring technology making new cars ever increase in price this can only make your motoring more and more expensive. By renting on one of our Long Term Rental contracts the amount in monthly rental and generous mileage allowance could well be the same as the vehicle would depreciate each month !

You could get behind the wheel of a brand new 66 plate car or van for less than you think !



Once you have completed your booking and paid your deposit you will recieve confirmation and a booking reference from hiremorecar


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